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Created by longtime journalist Ryan J. Downey (MTV, Billboard, Hollywood Reporter), Stream N’ Destroy is tailored to hard rock, metal, and punk(ish) music and culture, delivering relevant data about streaming, sales, concert attendance, and social media, distilled it into easy-to-read metrics for industry professionals.

It is an essential and reliable resource for bands, managers, labels, agents, promoters, and fans of hard rock, metal, and punk.

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Detailed data insight on sales, streaming, shows, socials, and more, tailored to hard rock, metal, and punk(ish) bands, agents, and assorted industry folk. From longtime manager and journalist Ryan J. Downey (MTV News, Billboard, Hollywood Reporter).


Ryan J. Downey 

Journalist, author, and music manager as seen and/or read: MTV News, MSNBC, The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Knotfest. Founder: PopCurse, SuperheroHQ. More: RyanJDowney.com