Queen, Black Veil Brides, Motionless In White, Falling In Reverse, Five Finger Death Punch

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Top 50 Hard Rock, Metal, Punk Artists
July 31, 2020 - August 06, 2020 
By Total Songs Streamed 

  1. Queen 22M songs streamed

  2. Panic! At The Disco 19.2M 

  3. twenty one pilots 18.8M 

  4. AC/DC 17.9M 

  5. Linkin Park 16.6M 

  6. Red Hot Chili Peppers 16.2M 

  7. Five Finger Death Punch 16.1M 

  8. Metallica 15.5M 

  9. Led Zeppelin 15.3M 

  10. Fall Out Boy 13.6M 

  11. Green Day 12.9M 

  12. 5 Seconds Of Summer 12.5M 

  13. Nirvana 11.6M 

  14. Shinedown 11.2M 

  15. blink-182 10.8M 

  16. Three Days Grace 10.7M 

  17. Guns N’ Roses 10.5M 

  18. Disturbed 9.7M 

  19. Aerosmith 9.4M 

  20. Breaking Benjamin 9.1M 

  21. Weezer 9M 

  22. Slipknot 8.9M 

  23. My Chemical Romance 8.5M 

  24. Pearl Jam 8.3M 

  25. Wallows 8.3M 

  26. Van Halen 8.2M 

  27. Paramore 8.1M 

  28. The 1975 7.9M 

  29. System Of A Down 7.6M 

  30. Tool 7.5M 

  31. Foo Fighters 7.4M 

  32. Bon Jovi 7.4M 

  33. Nickelback 7.3M 

  34. Korn 7.2M 

  35. Skillet 7.2M 

  36. Avenged Sevenfold 7.1M 

  37. Def Leppard 7M 

  38. Godsmack 6.4M 

  39. Alice In Chains 6.4M 

  40. Radiohead 6.4M 

  41. Seether 6.1M 

  42. 3 Doors Down 5.9M 

  43. A Day To Remember 5.7M 

  44. Falling In Reverse 5.7M 

  45. Ozzy Osbourne 5.7M 

  46. Theory Of A Deadman 5.6M 

  47. Mötley Crüe 5.5M 

  48. Rage Against The Machine 5.3M 

  49. The Strokes 5.3M 

  50. Hollywood Undead 5.2M 

For perspective: 

  1. Taylor Swift 179.4M songs streamed

  2. Pop Smoke 138.4M 

  3. Juice Wrld 136.5M 

  4. Drake 102.3M 

  5. DaBaby 80.8M 

Source: Rolling Stone 

Top Hard Rock, Metal, Etc. Albums 
July 31, 2020 - August 06, 2020 

  • Queen, Greatest Hits 11.6k Album Units 

    2.1k Album Sales, 4.1k Song Sales, 9.8M Song Streams 

  • AC/DC, Back in Black 9k Album Units 

    1k Album Sales, 4.3k Song Sales, 9.2M Song Streams 

  • Guns N’ Roses, Appetite for Destruction 8.5k Album Units

    619 Album Sales, 3.8k Song Sales, 9M Song Streams 

  • Nirvana, Nevermind 7.8k Album Units 

    1.1k Album Sales, 2k Song Sales, 7.3M Song Streams 

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers, Greatest Hits 6.7k Album Units 

    332 Album Sales, 1.6k Song Sales, 7.7M Song Streams 

  • Black Veil Brides, Re-Stitch These Wounds 5.9k Album Units 

    5.2k Album Sales, 443 Song Sales, 772.3k Song Streams 

Source: Rolling Stone 

Apple Music 
Top 50 Current 
Hard Rock & Metal Songs 
August 11, 2020 

  1. Falling In Reverse “Popular Monster” 

  2. Five Finger Death Punch “A Little Bit Off” 

  3. Slipknot “Unsainted” 

  4. Gojira “Another World” 

  5. Five Finger Death Punch “Inside Out” 

  6. Tool “Pneuma” 

  7. Slipknot “Nero Forte” 

  8. Ozzy Osbourne “Under the Graveyard” 

  9. Bad Wolves “Sober” 

  10. The Hu “Wolf Totem” ft. Jacoby Shaddix 

  11. Tool “Fear Inoculum” 

  12. Tool “Invincible” 

  13. Ozzy Osbourne “Ordinary Man” ft. Elton John 

  14. Bad Wolves “Killing Me Slowly” 

  15. Five Finger Death Punch “Living the Dream” 

  16. Tool “7empest” 

  17. Finger Finger Death Punch “Full Circle” 

  18. Tool “Descending” 

  19. Slipknot “All Out Life” 

  20. Slipknot “Solway Firth” 

  21. Motionless In White “Another Life” 

  22. City Morgue “SHINNERS13” 

  23. Motionless In White “Disguise” 

  24. Five Finger Death Punch “Brighter Side of Grey” 

  25. In This Moment “The In-Between” 

  26. Motionless In White “Eternally Yours” 

  27. Five Finger Death Punch “Darkness Settles In” 

  28. Ozzy Osbourne “Straight to Hell” 

  29. Tool “Culling Voices” 

  30. Five Finger Death Punch “To be Alone” 

  31. The Hu “Wolf Totem” 

  32. Slipknot “Birth of the Cruel” 

  33. Slaughter To Prevail “Demolisher” 

  34. Lamb Of God “Memento Mori” 

  35. Five Finger Death Punch “Bottom of the Top” 

  36. Korn “Can You Hear Me” 

  37. Five Finger Death Punch “Mother May I (Tic Toc)”

  38. Ozzy Osbourne “Take What You Want” ft. Post Malone

  39. City Morgue “33rd Blakk Glass” 

  40. Motionless In White “Brand New Numb” 

  41. Slipknot “Critical Darling” 

  42. The Amity Affliction “Soak Me in Bleach” 

  43. Five Finger Death Punch “This is War” 

  44. Five Finger Death Punch “Leave it All Behind” 

  45. Korn “You’ll Never Find Me” 

  46. Five Finger Death Punch “F8” 

  47. Ice Nine Kills “A Grave Mistake” 

  48. Fire From The Gods “Right Now” 

  49. Tool “Legion Inoculant” 

  50. Tool “Chocolate Chip Trip” 

Top 40 Mainstream Rock Songs 
The week of August 15, 2020 

  1. The Pretty Reckless “Death by Rock and Roll” 

  2. Shinedown “Atlas Falls” 

  3. Five Finger Death Punch “A Little Bit Off” 

  4. Metallica & the SF Symphony “All Within My Hands” 

  5. Volbeat “Leviathan” 

  6. The Hu “Wolf Totem” ft. Jacoby Shaddix 

  7. Seether “Dangerous” 

  8. Chris Cornell “Patience” 

  9. Pop Evil “Work” 

  10. Bush “Flowers On a Grave” 

  11. Starset “Trials” 

  12. Bad Wolves “Sober” 

  13. Theory Of A Deadman “World Keeps Spinning” 

  14. Godsmack “Unforgettable” 

  15. Corey Taylor “Black Eyes Blue” 

  16. From Ashes To New “Panic” 

  17. The Black Moods “Sunshine” 

  18. Breaking Benjamin & Lacey Sturm “Dear Agony (Aurora Version)” 

  19. Skillet “Save Me” 

  20. Sevendust “The Day I Tried to Live” 

  21. Badflower “30” 

  22. I Prevail “Every Time You Leave” ft. Delaney Jane 

  23. Weezer “Hero” 

  24. Bring Me The Horizon “Parasite Eve” 

  25. Biffy Clyro “Instant History” 

  26. Crobot “Gasoline” 

  27. Three Days Grace “Somebody That I Used to Know” 

  28. 10 Years “The Shift” 

  29. Ayron Jones “Take Me Away” 

  30. Trivium “Bleed Into Me” 

  31. Marilyn Manson “We Are Chaos” 

  32. cleopatrick “Hometown” 

  33. The Violent “Fly On the Wall” 

  34. Avatar “Colossus” 

  35. Grey Daze “B12” 

  36. Bad Wolves “Learn to Walk Again” 

  37. Bad Omens “Limits” 

  38. Fame On Fire “Headspace” ft. POORSTACY

  39. Sons Of Silver “Read Em Their Rights” 

  40. Highly Suspect “Canals” 

Source: Billboard

Hot Hard Rock Songs 
The week of August 15, 2020 

  1. Five Finger Death Punch “A Little Bit Off” 

  2. The Hu “Wolf Totem” ft. Jacoby Shaddix 

  3. The Pretty Reckless “Death by Rock and Roll” 

  4. Shinedown “Atlas Falls” 

  5. Metallica & the SF Symphony “All Within My Hands” 

  6. Marilyn Manson “We Are Chaos” 

  7. Hollywood Undead “Idol” ft. Tech N9ne

  8. Bring Me The Horizon “Parasite Eve” 

  9. Seether “Dangerous” 

  10. Godsmack “Unforgettable” 

  11. Corey Taylor “CMFT Must be Stopped” ft. Tech N9ne & Kid Bookie

  12. Three Days Grace “Somebody That I Used to Know” 

  13. Corey Taylor “Black Eyes Blue” 

  14. Volbeat “Leviathan” 

  15. Cory Marks “Outlaws & Outsiders” ft. Travis Tritt, Ivan Moody & Mick Mars 

  16. jxdn “Comatose” 

  17. Asking Alexandria “Antisocialist” 

  18. Motionless In White “Another Life” 

  19. Bush “Flowers On a Grave” 

  20. A Day To Remember “Resentment” 

  21. Starset “Trials” 

  22. I Prevail x Joyner Lucas “DOA” 

  23. Pop Evil “Work” 

  24. Badflower “30” 

  25. Gojira “Another World” 

Source: Billboard 

Top 10 Hard Rock Albums 
The week of August 15, 2020 

  1. Queen, Greatest Hits 

  2. AC/DC, Back in Black 

  3. Guns N’ Roses, Greatest Hits 

  4. Five Finger Death Punch, A Decade of Destruction 

  5. Bon Jovi, Greatest Hits: The Ultimate Collection 

  6. Metallica, Metallica 

  7. Linkin Park, [Hybrid Theory] 

  8. Black Veil Brides, Re-Stitch These Wounds 

  9. Foo Fighters, Greatest Hits 

  10. Aerosmith, Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits 

Source: Billboard 

iTunes Top 100 
Heavy Metal Albums 
August 10, 2020 

  1. Motionless In White, Another Life / Eternally Yours: Motion Picture Collection - EP 

  2. Avatar, Hunter Gatherer 

  3. Metallica, Metallica 

  4. Tool, Fear Inoculum 

  5. Five Finger Death Punch, F8 

  6. Slaves, To Better Days 

  7. Guns N’ Roses, Greatest Hits 

  8. Tool, Ænima

  9. I Prevail, TRAUMA 

  10. Metallica, Master of Puppets 

  11. Metallica, Ride the Lightning 

  12. Mötley Crüe, Greatest Hits 

  13. The Hu, The Gereg (Deluxe Edition) 

  14. Metallica, …And Justice for All 

  15. In This Moment, Mother 

  16. Meat Loaf, Bat Out of Hell 

  17. Nickelback, All the Right Reasons 

  18. Tool, Lateralus 

  19. Tool, Undertow 

  20. Misery Signals, Ultraviolet 

  21. Evanescence, Fallen 

  22. System Of A Down, Toxicity 

  23. Guns N’ Roses, Appetite for Destruction 

  24. Tool, 10,00 Days 

  25. Orbit Culture, Nija 

  26. Alice In Chains, Dirt 

  27. Metallica, S&M (Live) 

  28. Def Leppard, Hysteria 

  29. Ozzy Osbourne, Ordinary Man

  30. Black Sabbath, Paranoid 

  31. The Hu, The Gereg 

  32. Metallica, Kill ‘Em All 

  33. Black Crown Initiate, Violent Portraits of a Doomed Escape 

  34. Tool, Opiate - EP 

  35. Lamb Of God, Lamb Of God 

  36. Trivium, What the Dead Men Say 

  37. In Hearts Wake, Kaliyuga

  38. Upon A Burning Body, Built from War - EP 

  39. Unleash The Archers, Apex 

  40. Crystal Lake, The Voyages 

  41. Ozzy Osbourne, The Essential Ozzy Osbourne 

  42. Metallica, Load 

  43. Megadeth, Rust in Peace 

  44. Megadeth, Countdown to Extinction 

  45. Bad Wolves, N.A.T.I.O.N. 

  46. Static-X, Project Regeneration, Vol. 1 

  47. Pantera, The Best Of 

  48. Slipknot, We Are Not Your Kind 

  49. Metallica, Garage Inc. 

  50. Iron Maiden, The Number of the Beast 

  51. Iron Maiden, Powerslave 

  52. Five Finger Death Punch, And Justice for None (Deluxe) 

  53. Rammstein, RAMMSTEIN 

  54. Static-X, Wisconsin Death Trip 

  55. August Burns Red, Guardians 

  56. The Acacia Strain, Slow Decay 

  57. Spiritbox, Spiritbox 

  58. Metallica, Death Magnetic 

  59. Metallica, Hardwired… To Self-Destruct (Deluxe Edition) 

  60. Metallica, Reload 

  61. GOJIRA, From Mars to Sirius 

  62. BABYMETAL, BabyMetal 

  63. Metallica, St. Anger 

  64. Jinjer, King of Everything 

  65. BABYMETAL, Metal Galaxy 

  66. Jinjer, Micro - EP 

  67. Volbeat, Beyond Hell / Above Heaven 

  68. Slipknot, Slipknot 

  69. Volbeat, Guitars Gangsters & Cadillac Blood 

  70. Megadeth, Greatest Hits: Back to the Start 

  71. Dio, Holy Diver 

  72. Sabaton, The Last Stand 

  73. Down, Nola 

  74. GOJIRA, The Way of All Flesh 

  75. Sabaton, Heroes 

  76. ICE NINE KILLS, The Silver Scream 

  77. Rammstein, Herzeleid 

  78. Avatar, Black Waltz (Deluxe Edition) 

  79. Fit For A King, Dark Skies 

  80. Metallica, Helping Hands… Live & Acoustic at the Masonic 

  81. Carcass, Heartwork 

  82. Volbeat, Rewind, Replay, Rebound 

  83. The Ghost Inside, The Ghost Inside 

  84. Onslaught, Generation Antichrist 

  85. Lorna Shore, Immortal 

  86. Spiritbox, Singles Collection - EP 

  87. Five Finger Death Punch, The Way of the Fist 

  88. Iron Maiden, Piece of Mind 

  89. Lamb Of God, VII: Sturm und Drang (Deluxe Version) 

  90. Rammstein, Sehnsucht

  91. Iron Maiden, Somewhere in Time 

  92. Ghost, Infestissumam (Deluxe Version) 

  93. Slayer, Reign in Blood 

  94. Opeth, Ghost Reveries 

  95. Dream Theater, Images and Words 

  96. Queensrÿche, Operation: Mindcrime (Bonus Track Version) 

  97. As I Lay Dying, Shaped by Fire 

  98. The Amity Affliction, Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them 

  99. Wage War, Pressure 

  100. Down, Down II 

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