Popular Music Videos (2020) 

Hard Rock, Metal, Punk(ish) and adjacent sub-genres

Popular Hard Rock/Metal/Punk(ish) Music Videos (2020) 

An unscientific sampling of some of the most popular Hard Rock, Metal, Punk(ish), and adjacent subgenre music videos released in 2020. In cases where there is more than one video for a particular song (official music video + official audio track + lyric video, etc.) I chose the most popular version and included that one only. I did include older tracks (remasters, live versions) so long as the video was uploaded in 2020.

I undoubtedly missed something (if only I were a data scientist). If you see a glaring omission, tell me! The good news is, this post lives on the Stream N’ Destroy substack page, and can be updated regularly even once the initial email has gone out.

I did not include reaction videos, commentary videos, interviews, “so-and-so plays their favorite riffs” videos or anything that isn’t just a straight-up song.

Slipknot “Nero Forte” 26.3M views 
Steven Tyler, Slash, Train “Dream On (2014)” 19.9M 
Bring Me The Horizon “Parasite Eve” 18.7M 
Paradise City Season One Teaser 17.9M 
AC/DC “Shot in the Dark” 17M 
Five Finger Death Punch “A Little Bit Off” 16.6M 
Falling In Reverse “The Drug in Me is Reimagined” 15.2M
Sabaton “The Attack of the Dead Men” 14.3M 
In This Moment “The In-Between” 11M 
Lamb Of God “Memento Mori” 10.9M 

Bring Me The Horizon with YUNGBLUD “Obey” 10.9M 
The Hu “Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order” 10M 
Bring Me The Horizon “Teardrops” 9.6M 
Breaking Benjamin “Dear Agony (Aurora Version)” ft. Lacey Sturm 9.6M 
Ozzy Osbourne “Straight to Hell” 9.4M
Danny Carey “Pneuma” by TOOL 9.4M
AC/DC “Back in Black / Highway to Hell (Live)” 9.3M 
Sabaton “The Red Baron” 9.2M 
Breaking Benjamin “Far Away” ft. Scooter Ward 
Lindemann “Ach so gern” 8.7M 

System Of A Down “Protect the Land” 8.5M 
Ozzy Osbourne “Ordinary Man” ft. Elton John 8.3M 
Avenged Sevenfold “Set Me Free” 7.4M 
Sixx:AM Presents Artists for Recovery “Maybe It’s Time” ft. Corey Taylor, Joe Elliott, Brantley Gilbert, Ivan Moody, Slash 6.8M 
Disturbed “Hold On to Memories” 6.7M 
Nightwish “Noise” 6.5M 
Asking Alexandria “Antisocialist” 6.4M
Bring Me The Horizon “Kingslayer” ft. BABYMETAL 6.3M 
The Smashing Pumpkins “1979 (Remastered)” 6.3M 

Marilyn Manson “We Are Chaos” 6.2M 
All Time Low “Monsters” 6.2M ft. blackbear 
Skillet “Save Me” 6.1M 
Green Day “Oh Yeah!” 5.9M 
Slaughter To Prevail “Demolisher” 5.9M 
Hayley Williams “Simmer” 5.8M 
Simple Plan “I’m Just a Kid” 5.5M 
Amaranthe “82nd All the Way” 5.5M 
Hayley Williams “Dead Horse” 5.2M 
Chris Cornell “Patience” 5.1M 
Bad Wolves “Sober” 5M 
Evanescence “Wasted On You” 4.9M 

Evanescence “The Chain” 4.8M 
The Hu “Wolf Totem” ft. Jacoby Shaddix 4.8M 
Mushroomhead “The Heresy” 4.7M 
Architects “Animals” 4.6M 
Nightwish “The Phantom of the Opera (Live)” 4.6M 
System Of A Down “Genocidal Humanoidz” 4.5M 
The Hu “Song of Women” ft. Lzzy Hale 4.5M 
Godsmack “Unforgettable” 4.5M 
Trivium “What the Dead Men Say” 4.4M 
AC/DC “Realize” 4.4M 

Palaye Royale “Lonely” 4.3M
Bon Jovi “Limitless” 4.2M 
Metallica “Blackened 2020” 4.1M 
Sabaton “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” 4M 
Igorrr “Very Noise” 4M 
Deftones “Ohms” 3.9M 
Corey Taylor “CMFT Must be Stopped” ft. Tech N9ne & Kid Bookie 4M 
Trivium “Catastrophist” 3.9M 
Korn “Can You Hear Me” 3.7M
Foo Fighters “Shame Shame” 3.7M

Bring Me The Horizon “1x1” ft. Nova Twins 3.7M 
Pearl Jam “Dance of the Clairvoyants (Mach II)” 3.5M 
Sabaton “Great War” 3.5M 
Prevail “DOA” ft. Joyner Lucas 3.35M
Hayley Williams “Cinnamon” 3.3M 
Mammoth WVH “Distance” 3.3M 
Green Day “Meet Me on the Roof” 3.2M 
Five Finger Death Punch “Living the Dream” 3.2M 
Escape The Fate “Walk On” 3.1M 
Pearl Jam “Dance of the Clairvoyants (Mach III)” 3.1M 

Pearl Jam “Dance of the Clairvoyants” 3M 
Green Day “Basket Case (RHOF 2015)” 3M 
Evanescence “Use My Voice” 3M 
Bad Omens “Limits” 2.9M 
Hayley Williams “Don’t Start Now (Live)” 2.9M 
Poppy “All the Things She Said” 2.9M 
Metallica & San Francisco Symphony “Nothing Else Matters” 2.8M
Gojira “Another World” 2.8M 
Slipknot “Unsainted (BBC)” 2.8M 
Corey Taylor “Black Eyes Blue” 2.8M 

The Pretty Reckless “Death by Rock and Roll” 2.8M 
Killswitch Engage “I Can’t Be the Only One” 2.8M 
Lamb Of God “Checkmate” 2.8M 
Dance Gavin Dance “Strawberry’s Wake” 2.7M
Joe Satriani “Nineteen Eighty” 2.7M 
Nightwish “The Greatest Show on Earth (Live)” 2.6M 
Sabaton “A Ghost in the Trenches” 2.6M 
Sabaton “Devil Dogs” 2.6M 
Sabaton “The Future of Warfare” 2.6M 
Seether “Dangerous” 2.6M 

Falling In Reverse “Carry On” 2.6M 
Puscifer “Apocalyptical” 2.6M 
Mushroomhead “Seen It All” 2.6M 
Five Finger Death Punch “Brighter Side of Grey” 2.6M
The Hu “Sad But True” 2.6M 
Black Veil Brides “Scarlet Cross” 2.6M
Shinedown “Atlas Falls” 2.5M 
Nightwish “Music” 2.5M 
Slipknot “Psychosocial (BBC)” 2.4M 
Slipknot “Duality (BBC)” 2.4M 

Ozzy Osbourne “Scary Little Green Men” 2.4M 
Marilyn Manson “Don’t Chase the Dead” 2.4M 
Amaranthe “Do Or Die” ft. Angela Gossow 2.4M 
AC/DC “Demon Fire” 2.4M 
I Prevail “Every Time You Leave” ft. Delaney Jane 2.3M 
Deftones “Genesis” 2.3M 
Sabaton “Bismarck” 2.3M 
Avatar “Colossus” 2.3M
Sabaton “82nd All the Way” 2.3M 
Dance Gavin Dance “Prisoner” 2.4M 

From Ashes To New “Panic” 2.3M 
Five Finger Death Punch “Darkness Settles In” 2.3M 
Pearl Jam “Dance of the Clairvoyants (Mach I)” 2.3M 
Metallica & San Francisco Symphony “All Within My Hands” 2.2M
Unleash The Archers “Abyss” 2.2M
Grey Daze “B12” 2.2M 
Sabaton “Fields of Verdun” 2.2M 
Deftones “Passenger (2020)” 2.2M 
Billie Joe Armstrong With His Sons “I Think We’re Alone Now” 2.2M

Nightwish “Ever Dream (Live)” 2.2M 
In This Moment “We Will Rock You” ft. Lzzy Hale & Taylor Momsen 2.2M
Breaking Benjamin “So Cold” 2.2M 
Deep Purple “Throw My Bones” 2.1M 
Diamante & Breaking Benjamin “Iris” 2.1M 
Bring Me The Horizon “Dear Diary,” 2.1M 
A Day To Remember “Mindreader” 2.1M 
Nightwish “Shoemaker” 2.1M 
The Ghost Inside “Aftermath” 2.1M
Five Finger Death Punch “To Be Alone” 2.1M 

Five Finger Death Punch “Full Circle” 2.1M
Evanescence “The Game is Over” 2M 
Disturbed “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You” 2M 
Pearl Jam “Superblood Wolfmoon” 2M 
Ozzy Osbourne “It’s a Raid” ft. Post Malone 2M 
Hayley Williams “Leave It Alone” 2M 
All Time Low “Some Kind of Disaster” 2M 
Nightwish “Harvest” 2M 
Pearl Jam “Quick Escape” 1.9M 
Pearl Jam “Seven O’Clock” 1.9M 

Greta Van Fleet “My Way, Soon” 1.9M 
Sabaton “The End of the War to End All Wars” 1.9M 
Halestorm “Break In” ft. Amy Lee 1.9M 
Lamb Of God “Laid to Rest (Live)” 1.9M 
Metallica & San Francisco Symphony “For Whom the Bell Tolls” 1.9M 
Hammerfall “Second to One” ft. Noora Louhimo 1.9M 
Hollywood Undead “Empire” 1.9M 
Blink-182 “Happy Days” 1.9M
Slipknot “Pollution” 1.8M 
Code Orange “Swallowing the Rabbit Hole” 1.8M 

Metallica & San Francisco Symphony “No Leaf Clover” 1.8M 
Nickelback “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” 1.8M 
Billie Joe Armstrong “Manic Monday” ft. Susanna Hoffs 1.8M 
Bring Me The Horizon “Kingslayer” 1.8M 
The Smashing Pumpkins “Cyr” 1.8M 
Starset “Trials” 1.8M 
Pearl Jam “Retrograde” 1.8M 
AC/DC “Witch’s Spell” 1.8M 
Powerwolf “Werewolves of Armenia (2020)” 1.7M 
Epica “Abyss of time” 1.7M 

Motionless In White “Somebody Told Me” 1.7M 
Weezer “Hero” 1.7M 
Alestorm “Pirate Metal Drinking Crew” 1.7M 
Sabaton “The Attack of the Dead Men” 1.7M 
The Smashing Pumpkins “Tonight, Tonight (Remastered)” 1.7M 
Sabaton “Wolfpack” 1.7M 
Asking Alexandria “They Don’t Want What We Want (And They Don’t Care)” 1.7M 
I Don’t Know How But They Found Me “Leave Me Alone” 1.6M 
Bring Me The Horizon “One Day the Only Butterflies Left Will be in Your Chest as You March Towards Your Death” 1.6M 
Hollywood Undead “Heart of a Champion” ft. Papa Roach & Ice Nine Kills 1.6M 

NOFX “I Love You More Than I Hate Me” 1.6M 
Spiritbox “Blessed Be” 1.6M 
AC/DC “Through the Mists of Time” 1.6M 
Lamb Of God “Gears” 1.6M 
Amaranthe “Viral” 1.6M 
Deep Purple “Man Alive” 1.6M 
Avatar “Silence in the Age of Apes” 1.6M 
Palaye Royale “Anxiety” 1.5M 
John Petrucci “Terminal Velocity” 1.5M 
Deep Purple “Speed King (1970)” 1.5M 

Avenged Sevenfold “Tension” 1.5M 
Korn “Finally Free” 1.5M 
Highly Suspect “Fly” 1.5M 
Feuerschwanz “Ding” ft. Melissa Bonny 1.5M 
Kreator “666 World Divided” 1.5M 
Pearl Jam “Whoever Said” 1.5M 
Evanescence “Cruel Summer” 1.4M 
Nightwish “How’s the Heart” 1.4M 
Billy Corgan “Tonight, Tonight (Howard Stern 2012)” 1.4M 
Amaranthe “Archangel” 1.4M 

Alestorm “Treasure Chest Party Quest” 1.4M 
Metallica & San Francisco Symphony “Moth Into Flame” 1.4M 
Spiritbox “Holy Roller” 1.4M
All Time Low “Sleeping In” 1.4M 
Bush “Flowers On a Grave” 1.4M 
In This Moment “As Above, So Below” 1.3M 
Amaranthe “Strong” ft. Noora Louhimo 1.3M 
Hayley Williams “Over Yet” 1.3M
Testament “Children of the Next Level” 1.3M
The Smashing Pumpkins “Bullet with Butterfly Wings (Howard Stern 2018)” 1.3M 

Lamb Of God “New Colossal Hate” 1.3M 
Amaranthe “Strong” ft. Noora Louhimo 1.3M 
Spiritbox “Rule of Nines” 1.3M 
Ad Infinitum “Marching On Versailles” 1.3M 
Code Orange “Underneath” 1.3M 
Billie Joe Armstrong “Wake Me Up When September Ends (Live)” 1.3M 
Green Day “Dreaming” 1.3M 
Palaye Royale “Little Bastards” 1.3M 
Atreyu “Super Hero” ft. M. Shadows & Aaron Gillespie 1.2M 
Hayley Williams “Why Do We Ever” 1.2M 

Static-X “Hollow (Project Regeneration)” 1.2M 
Sevendust “The Day I Tried to Live” 1.2M 
Veil Of Maya “Outsider” 1.2M 
Avenged Sevenfold “Dancing Dead” 1.2M 
Body Count “Bum-Rush” 1.2M 
Ozzy Osbourne “All My Life” 1.2M 
Paradise Lost “Darker Thoughts” 1.1M 
Cory Marks “Out in the Rain” ft. Lzzy Hale 1.1M 
Dance Gavin Dance “One in a Million” 1.1M 
Asking Alexandria “House On Fire” 1.1M 

Igorrr “Downgrade Desert” 1.1M 
Jinjer “Noah” 1.1M 
Breaking Benjamin, Adam Gontier “Dance with the Devil” 1.1M 
Nightwish “Pan” 1.1M 
Nightwish “Tribal” 1.1M 
AC/DC “Kick You When You’re Down” 1.1M 
AC/DC “Rejection” 1.1M 
Lamb Of God “Resurrection Man” 1.1M 
Lacuna Coil “Save Me (Live)” 1.1M 
Sevendust “The Day I Tried to Live” 1.1M 

Feuerschwanz “Das Elfte Gebot” 1.1M 
Corey Taylor “HWY 666” 1.1M 
Bring Me The Horizon “?” 1.1M 
Rob Zombie “The Triumph of King Freakn (A Crypt of Preservation and Superstition)” 1M 
Amaranthe “Fearless” 1M 
Amy Lee “Bring Me to Life (Live)” ft. Wagakkiband 1M 
Five Finger Death Punch “This is War” 1M 
Breaking Benjamin and Gavin Rossdale “Would? (Live)” 1M 
PVRIS “Deadweight” 1M 

AC/DC “Code Red” 1M 
AC/DC “Money Shot” 1M 
Dance Gavin Dance “Lyrics Lie” 1M 
Static-X “All These Years” 1M 
Seether “Beg” 1M 
Trivium “Amongst the Shadows & the Stones” 1M 
Sabaton “Angels Calling” 1M 
Marilyn Manson “Broken Needle” 1M 
August Burns Red “Back Burner” 1M 
Motionless In White “Another Life: Motion Picture Collection” ft. Kerli 1M 

Hollywood Undead “Idol” ft. Tech N9ne 1M
Hollywood Undead “Nightmare” 1M 
Jinjer “Retrospection” 1M 
Daughtry “Alive” 1M 
Kiko Loureiro “Hanger 18 (Audition)” 1M 
Polaris “Hyper Mania” 1M 
Metallica “Wherever I May Roam (Howard Stern)” 996k 
Coheed And Cambria, Mastodon, Primus, Tool, Mutoid Man “Anthem” 992k 
Skillet “Dead Man Walking” 985k 
Cattle Decapitation “Bring Back the Plague” 984k

Nightwish “Endlessness” 975k 
Crown The Empire “Blurry” 982k 
Sabaton “The Lion from the North (Live)” 954k 
Asking Alexandria “I Don’t Need You” ft. Grace Grundy 950k 
AC/DC “Wild Reputation” 943k 
Pearl Jam “Comes Then Goes” 938k 
August Burns Red “Defender” 936k 
NOFX “Doors and Fours” 931k 
Powerwolf “Resurrection by Erection” 928k 
Alestorm “Shit Boat (No Fans)” 926k 

Skillet “Save Me (Reimagined)” 924k 
Heaven Shall Burn “Übermatcht” 924k 
AC/DC “Systems Down” 919k 
Asking Alexandria “Down to Hell” 914k 
Sepultura “Means to an End” 911k 
Slipknot “Wait and Bleed (BBC)” 910k 
Paradise Lost “Fall from Grace” 895k 
The Word Alive “No Way Out” 884k 
AC/DC “No Man’s Land” 855k 
Sabaton “En Livstid I Krig (Live)” 852k 

Nightwish “The Poet and the Pendulum (Live)” 847k 
Slipknot “Disasterpiece (BBC)” 844k 
Neck Deep “Lowlife” 843k 
Volbeat “Leviathan” 838k 
Neck Deep “Fall” 836k 
Nightwish “Procession” 835k 
Testament “Night of the Witch” 835k 
Dance Gavin Dance “Three Wishes” 831k 
Neck Deep “When You Know” 829k 
Slipknot “The Devil in I (BBC)” 825k 

AC/DC “Through the Mists of Time” 820k 
Nightwish “Ad Astra” 812k 
In This Moment “Hunting Grounds” ft. Joe Cotela 807k 
Accept “The Undertaker” 805k 
Kamelot “Sacrimony” ft. Alissa White-Gluz & Elize Ryd 798k 
AC/DC “Rejection” 796k 
Hollywood Undead “Coming Home” 796k 
Deftones “The Spell of Mathematics” 789k 
Coheed And Cambria “Jessie’s Girl 2” ft. Rick Springfield 782k 
Papa Roach “Between Angels & Insects 2020” 780k 

Herman Li, Tosin Abasi, Tim Henson “Through the Fire and Flames (Live)” 774k 
Pearl Jam “River Cross” 772k 
Sammy Hagar & The Circle “Right Now (2020)” 770k 
Sleeping With Sirens “Talking to Myself” 764k 
Lorna Shore “King Ov Deception” 760k 
Ye Banished Privateers “Rowing with One Hand” 759k 
As I Lay Dying “Torn Between” 756k 
Bring Me The Horizon “GO TO” ft. BEXEY, Halsey, Happyalone, Toriel, YONAKA, Lotus Eater 754k 
Green Day “I Was a Teenage Teenager” 742k 
My Dying Bride “Your Broken Shore” 741k 

Jinjer “The Prophecy” 738k 
AC/DC “Kick You When You’re Down” 734k 
Lena Scissorhands “All the Things She Said” ft. Chase The Comet 733k 
Sepultura “Guardians of Earth” 731k 
Skillet “Terrify the Dark (Reimagined)” 730k 
Metallica “Fade to Black (Live 2018)” 727k 
Lamb Of God “Poison Dream” ft. Jamey Jasta 723k 
Alestorm “Tortuga” ft. Captain Yarrface 719k 
I Prevail “Hurricane (Reimagined)” 718k 
Green Day “Graffitia” 714k 

Marilyn Manson “Red, Black and Blue” 713k 
Feuerschwanz “I See Fire” 710k 
Make Them Suffer “Bones” 707k 
The Word Alive “MONOMANIA” 700k 
Billie Joe Armstrong “Kids in America” 700k 
Lamb Of God “Reality Bath” 697k 
Heaven Shall Burn “My Heart and the Ocean” 694k 
Polaris “Landmine” 690k 
Five Finger Death Punch “Broken World” 688k 
All Time Low “Melancholy Kaleidoscope” 686k 

Katatonia “Lacquer” 675k 
Billie Joe Armstrong “That Thing You Do!” 682k 
Corey Taylor “Culture Head” 681k 
Mastodon “Fallen Torches” 677k 
Avatar “A Secret Door” 677k 
Metallica “Orion (Remastered)” 676k 
Trivium “The Defiant” 672k 
Marilyn Manson “Solve Coagula” 670k 
Metallica “The Unforgiven (Howard Stern)” 669k 
Pearl Jam “Alright” 667k 

Silverstein “Infinite” 664k 
Amaranthe “Endlessly (An Amaranthe Wedding)” 654k 
Marilyn Manson “Half-Way and One Step Forward” 653k 
Beyond The Black “Human” 650k 
Bad Omens “Never Know” 649k 
Beyond The Black “Human” 647k 
Shaun Morgan “Fine Again” ft. Staind, Saint Asonia 646k 
I Don’t Know How But They Found Me  “Razzmatazz” 646k 
Chase Atlantic “Out the Roof” 645k 
Alestorm “Big Ship Little Ship” 641k 

NOFX “Just the Flu” 639k 
Megadeth “Hanger 18 (Live)” 638k 
Marilyn Manson “Paint You with My Love” 636k 
Heaven Shall Burn “Protector/Weakness Leaving My Heart” 633k 
Lamb Of God “Routes” ft. Chuck Billy 632k 
Feuerschwanz “Metfest” 631k 
Motionless In White “Creatures X: To the Grave” 628k 
Marilyn Manson “Personal Jesus (Live)” 624k 
Suicide Silence w/ Tatiana Shmailyuk “Man in the Box” 622k 
Static-X “Bring You Down (Project Regeneration)” 620k 

Metallica “The Star-Spangled Banner (SF Giants 2020)” 603k 
Unleash The Archers “Soulbound” 602k 
Palaye Royale “Tonight is the Night I Die” 602k 
Feuerschwanz “Meister der Minne” 599k 
Lamb Of God “New Colossal Hate (Live)” 598k 
I Don’t Know How But They Found Me  “New Invention” 596k 
Billie Joe Armstrong “Graffitia (Live)” 596k 
Twiztid “Rose Petal” 593k 
Trivium “Bleed Into Me” 593k 
Belphegor “Necrodaemon Terrorsathan 2020” 591k 

Sabaton “In the Army Now” 591k 
Kreator “Violent Revolution” 589k 
Jinjer “Pisces (Live)” 589k 
Fit For A King “God of Fire” ft. Ryo Kinoshita 585k  
Deftones “Pompeji” 578k 
Code Orange “Sulfer Surrounding” 
Dirty Honey “Last Child” 575k 
August Burns Red “Bones” 575k 
Avatar “King’s Harvest” 574k 
Demons & Wizards “Wolves in Winter” 574k 

Motionless In White “Eternally Yours: Motion Picture Collection” ft. Crystal Joilena 570k 
Jinjer “On the Top (Live)” 570k 
Cold “Quiet Now” 564k 
Asking Alexandria “I Don’t Need You” 562k 
Green Day “Junkies On a High” 
Nanowar Of Steel “Uranus” ft. Michael Starr 558k 
Warkings “Odin’s Son” ft. The Queen of the Damned 558k 
Fame On Fire “Headspace” ft. Poorstacy 558k 
Hollywood Undead “Gonna Be Okay” 557k 
Pearl Jam “Never Destination” 555k 

Paradise Lost “Ghosts” 554k 
Billie Joe Armstrong “That’s Rock ’n’ Roll” 554k 
Pop Evil “Drive” 554k 
Green Day “Stab You in the Heart” 553k 
Metallica “Battery (Remastered)” 553k 
Korn “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” 549k 
Trivium “Scattering the Ashes” 546k 
Stitched Up Heart “Warrior” 546k 
Alpha Wolf “Akudama” 545k 
AC/DC “No Man’s Land” 544k 

Leprous “The Sky is Red (drum playthrough)” 543k 
Sabaton “The Final Solution” 542k 
Four Year Strong “Talking Myself in Circles” 540k 
Body Count “Point the Finger” ft. Riley Gale 540k 
Metallica “The Unforgiven (Howard Stern 2020)” 539k 
Epica “Freedom - The Wolves Within” 539k 
AC/DC “Wild Reputation” 538k 
All Time Low “Getaway Green” 538k 
Sons Of Apollo “Gates of Babylon” 537k 
Black Veil Brides “Sweet Blasphemy 2020” 536k 

Deftones “Knife Prty (2020)” 535k 
Wind Rose “We Were Warriors” 534k 
August Burns Red “Paramount” 534k 
Sabaton “Ghost Divison (Live)” 533k 
Green Day “When I Come Around (RHOF 2015)” 532k 
Deftones “Error” 531k 
Loathe “Two-Way Mirror” 529k 
Haken “Prosthetic” 528k 
Crystal Lake “Watch Me Burn” 528k 
Killer Be Killed “Dream Gone Bad” 527k 

Monuments “Animus” 526k 
Stone Temple Pilots “Fare Thee Well” 525k 
Burning Witches “Dance with the Devil” 522k 
Dark Tranquility “Phantom Days” 519k 
ERRA “Snowblood” 518k
All Time Low “Clumsy” 514k 
Seether “Bruised and Blooded” 512k 
Alestorm “Fannybaws” 511k 
After The Burial “In Flux” 504k 
Deftones “Urantia” 504k 
New Found Glory “Greatest of All Time” 503k 
Sammy Hagar & The Circle “Whole Lotta Rosie” 500k