Apple Music Top 50

Plus new streaming numbers on dozens of bands

New stuff today from Hollywood Undead, Suicide Silence, Kvelertak, and Brian Posehn, in addition to last week’s releases from Avenged Sevenfold (the digital version of Diamonds in the Rough), Loathe, Sepultura, Stone Temple Pilots, and Sylosis. So, I figured you might all enjoy a little Friday night Apple Music  Top 50.

All of this is current as of the hour I’m sending it to you. (6pm PST.)

I’ve also included the hard rock/metal bands from the Rolling Stone Top 500 Popular Artists chart, which measures total songs streamed over the past week. 

Falling In Reverse appear on that chart for the very first time. “Popular Monster” has been seen 11M times since it hit YouTube in November. The song is also doing well at radio in addition to all of the streaming services. You may recall that the 2011 debut album from Falling In Reverse was certified gold by the RIAA in December.

Yesterday, the band dropped a surprise video for a stripped down version of the debut’s title track called “The Drug In Me Is Reimagined.” It was immediately trending on YouTube and as of this writing has garnered 952k views in just 24 hours.

At least five reaction videos centered on “The Drug In Me Is Reimagined” have already sprung up, totaling 200,000 views between them. 

Rolling Stone Artists 500 
Total Songs Streamed 
February 7 - February 13, 2020 

66. Panic! At The Disco (18.3M)↓
71. Queen (17.2M)↓
73. Green Day (16.9M)↑
84. twenty one pilots (15.4M) ↓
91. 5 Seconds of Summer (14.7M)↑
115. Linkin Park (12.2M) ↓
118. Red Hot Chili Peppers (12M) ↑
128. Five Finger Death Punch (11.7M)↑
129. Metallica (11.7M) ↓
135. AC/DC (11.3M) ↓
149. Led Zeppelin (10.5M) ↑
158. Fall Out Boy (10M) ↑
186. My Chemical Romance (8.9M) ↓
191. Nirvana (8.7M)↑
197. Blink-182 (8.6M)
200. Avenged Sevenfold (8.4M)↑
207. Slipknot (8.3M) 
209. Shinedown (8.1M)↓
216. Three Days Grace (7.9M)↓
227. Breaking Benjamin (7.5M)↓
230. Disturbed (7.5M)↓
238. Guns N’ Roses (7.2M)↓
250. Weezer (6.9M)↓
264. Paramore (6.6M)↓
272. Tool (6.5M)↓
279. Sublime (6.4M)↑
283. Aerosmith (6.3M)↓
289. Pearl Jam (6.2M)↓
294. System Of A Down (6.2M)↓
307. Skillet (5.9M)↓
319. Korn (5.6M)
327. Foo Fighters (5.6M)↓
242. Van Halen (5.4M)↓
361. Bon Jovi (5M)↓
380. Nickelback (4.8M)↓
381. Rage Against The Machine (4.8M)↑
401. Theory Of A Deadman (4.6M)↓
405. A Day To Remember (4.5M)↑
414. Def Leppard (4.5M)↓
415. Godsmack (4.4M)↓
424. Ozzy Osbourne (4.3M)↓
425. Alice In Chains (4.2M)↓
432. Mötley Crüe (4.2M)↓
455. Rush (4M)↓
464. Seether (3.9M)↓
465. 3 Doors Down (3.9M)↓
466. I Prevail (3.9M)↓
473. Incubus (3.9M)↓
479. Bring Me The Horizon (3.8M)↓
484. Papa Roach (3.8M)↓
487. Falling In Reverse (3.7M)

The Top 5 is comprised of Roddy Rich, Post Malone, Drake, Eminem, and Youngboy Never Broke Again. Click here to see the entire list.

Apple Music  Top 50
Hard Rock/Metal Albums 
As of February 14, 2020

Hollywood Undead - New Empire, Vol. 1
TOOL - Fear Inoculum 
Avenged Sevenfold - Diamonds in the Rough 
Five Finger Death Punch - F8
Suicide Silence - Become the Hunter
I Prevail - TRAUMA
Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind
Breaking Benjamin - Aurora
Ozzy Osbourne - Ordinary Man
The Wonder Years - Burst & Decay (Volume II)
blink-182 - Nine
Poppy - I Disagree
Four Year Strong - Brain Pain
Godsmack - When Legends Rise
Theory Of A Deadman - Say Nothing
Shinedown - Attention Attention
The Amity Affliction - Everyone Loves You…
Bad Wolves - N.A.T.I.O.N.
N/A - Saint EP

Polaris - The Death of Me
Greta Van Fleet - From the Fires
Bring Me The Horizon - amo
Motionless In White - Disguise
Korn - The Nothing 
Rammstein - RAMMSTEIN

Skillet - Victorious
Silverstein - A Beautiful Place to Drown
The Word Alive - Monomania
Loathe - I Let It In…
Kvelertak - Splid
Great American Ghost - Power Through Terror
Invent, Animate - Greyview
Wage War - Pressure
Killswitch Engage - Atonement
As I Lay Dying - Shaped by Fire
Sepultura - Quadra
Posehn - Grandpa Metal
Sylosis - Cycle of Suffering
Fire From The Gods - American Sun
Lorna Shore - Immortal
Ihsahn - Telemark EP
Bad Omens - Finding God…
Knocked Loose - A Different Shade of Blue
Bury Tomorrow - Cannibal
The Hu - The Gereg
Periphery - Periphery IV: HAIL STAN
ICE NINE KILLS - The Silver Scream (FINAL CUT)
Sabaton - The Great War
Beneath The Massacre - Fearmonger
Fit For A King - Dark Skies 

To complete the major label monopoly chronicled in last week’s “Streams Sell… But Who’s Earning?” roundup, 2019 revenue numbers for Universal Music Group are here.

  • $7.7B (a 20% increase from last year). 

  • $6.11B from recorded music (11.6% increase)

  • $1.14B from publishing (9.2% increase) 

  • $3.6B from streaming (21.5% increase) 

  • $1.09B from physical sales (3.1% increase!) 

  • $464M from downloads (23.2% decrease) 

UMG is the biggest music company in the world. They represent a top artist from each of the five major streaming platforms: Taylor Swift (Amazon), Billie Eilish (Apple), J Balvin (Deezer), Post Malone (Spotify), and Daddy Yankee (YouTube). Head here to see the full report from Billboard.

Music Videos

A bunch of other music videos dropped today.

Here’s a roundup:

ASKING ALEXANDRIA “They Don’t Want…” 150k 
AMARANTHE “Do Or Die” 123k 
MACHINE HEAD “Circle the Drain” 41k 
DEMONS & WIZARDS “Wolves in Winter” 40k 
LENA SCISSORHANDS “All The Things...” 32k 
CANDLEMASS “Porcelain Skull” 23k 
SILENT PLANET “Trilogy” 21k 

HATEBREED “When the Blade Drops” 19k HARDDDDDD
ME AND THAT MAN “By the River” 16k 
SET IT OFF “One Single Second” 12k 
BENEATH THE MASSACRE “Treacherous” 12k 
MAJESTY “Words of Silence” 10k 
DARK FORTRESS “The Spider in the Web” 7k 
BIFF BYFORD “Me and You” 7k 
KINGSMEN “Nightmare” 5k 
SANCTION “Shattering Man” 4k 
JOYCE MANOR “Heart Tattoo (Live)” 2k 
HEART OF GOLD “See Through” 1500 

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February 14, 2020